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Rihanna Performs At Billboard Music Awards

So for those who say that Rihanna had no vocal talent, you may all have several seats at Warner Park stadium or a stadium near you. Thanks! 


On Sunday night, at the Billboard Music Award, Rihanna tore the house down and became the highlight of the show as she performed an emotional rendition of her ballad “Love on the Brain” from her latest album Anti.

Wearing a green fur stole, like only the badgal can, Rihanna belted out the emotional tune, almost seeming to hold back tears.

Talk about goosebumps!

Aside from recieving a well-deserved standing ovation after argueably her best performance ever, RiRi also took home to Billboard Chart Achievement Award.

Watch her emotional rendition of “Love on the Brain” below, and grab a napkin because you just may need it.